Wednesday, October 13, 2010

International Textile Arts Event in the Outaouais Aug 15 to Oct 10

The integration of textile arts into the natural environment and the mythology of the thirteen moons

When thirteen moons entwine

was an international textile event, inspired by the thirteen moons of the lunar calendar. It was an outdoor laboratory that brought together established professional textile artists with emerging artists in the creation of 13 outdoor textile art installations at thirteen sites along a scenic walking path in nature at Moon Rain Centre, in the Gatineau Hills.

The number thirteen has very ancient and mystical significance, representing the unification of life, creation and the cosmos. In many cultures, the Wise Woman is referred to as a "Woman of the Thirteenth Moon".

When thirteen Moons Entwine included a spectrum of textile arts exhibitions presented in collaboration with major exhibition centres in the region, and offered hands on workshops by internationally known textile artists.

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