Sunday, September 1, 2013

Video Links

Liana Voia has been videoing many of the events of 2013 International Trennial of Textile Arts in the Outauais. She has allowed us to link to her YouTube Channel and we thank her very much

Micheline Beauchemin Venissage Video

Karina Bergmans:

Lou-Anne Bourdeau (1 and 2): AND

Erika Connor:

Gabby and Thoma Ewen (with Susan Jessup):

Krystyna Sadej (1 and 2): AND

Owen Tuf:

EK Jeong (1 and 2): AND

Kathryn Pannepacker:

Diane Lemire:

Catherine Libmann (1 and 2): AND

Lynne Bedbrook:

Asta e Kovanen:

Marina Btesh:

Claire Guerette (1 and 2): AND

Carol Chave:

Irene Anton:

Ali Rabjohns:

Caroline Gamiette:

Maureen Ballagh:

Susan Tauber Avila's Video

Françoise Carré (Video)

Maximo Laura and Coptic Dancers Videos
Maximo Laura:
Coptic Dancers:

Michele Provost video

Video from Shenkman Centre

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