Monday, January 16, 2012

Woven Bridges - International Group Tapestry Exhibition at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

“Today tapestry can represent a remarkable beauty and a kind of textured poetry, a three-dimensional rebellion against conventional outlooks.”

The Woven Bridges exhibit features a fibre art group with three Canadian Artists: Thoma Ewen, Krystyna Sadej, Ixchel Suarez and three invited guest-artists: Ewa Bartosz Mazus from Poland, Monique Lehman from United States and Thomas Cronenberg from Germany.

The title Woven Bridges refers to the strong connection between Canadian, American and European artists who share the same interest and love of tapestry weaving. Exhibition visitors will discover a rich variety of materials, techniques and experimental forms. The work shows a striking diversity and originality, combining humour and seriousness, recycling, and reflections on the nature of everyday life.

Ewa Bartosz Mazus ~ creates extraordinary two and three-dimensional tapestries which are personal expressions and reflections of her life. Ewa is an established international tapestry artist and an art teacher who has received many awards. She exhibits in Europe, Canada and the US. She lives in Zakopane, Poland. (

Thoma Ewen ~ has been exhibiting her tapestries nationally and internationally for more than 35 years. She directs Community Tapestry Projects and Artist-in-the-Schools projects; she also teaches tapestry workshops at the Moon Rain Centre, a community studio in a natural setting which she founded in Val des Monts, Quebec. (

Monique Lehman ~ from Pasadena, USA, produces sensational contemporary tapestries of landscapes, people and nature. She has exhibited her tapestries in many individual and group Art Shows in US, China, and in Europe. (

Krystyna Sadej ~ is an accomplished contemporary tapestry artist whose use of recycled materials transcends art activism, creating beauty out of environmental waste. Krystyna’s works of woven art have been exhibited in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US. She lives in Navan, Ontario and teaches at the Ottawa School of Art’s Orleans Campus. (

Ixchel Suarez ~ creates dramatic woven art that makes a flamboyant impression. She is a talented art weaver, a lecturer, workshop leader and teacher who originally came from Mexico. She is Founder of the Oakville Tapestry and Painting Studios. Ixchel participated in numerous art shows in Mexico, Canada, Poland, France and US. (www.ixchelsuarez,com)

Thomas Cronenberg ~ is one of the leading contemporary tapestry artists in Europe today. His works are autobiographical memoirs and technical masterpieces. A many-time recipient of awards and prizes, Thomas has exhibited all over Europe and the United States, is a longtime contributor to and guest editor of the renowned Textile Forum magazine. (

Ewa, Thoma, Ixchel, Krystyna, Monique and Thomas display a lively woven language out of soft and rough textural structures. Together, their work presents an energetic dialogue of cross-cultural vision that communicates possibility and an open-ended approach to experimental woven art.

Krystyna Sadej, Thoma Ewen & Ixchel Suarez

John Hannagan (Vice-President, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum), Ixchel Suarez,
 Krystyna Sadej, Michael Rikley-Lancaster (Curator) & amp; Thoma Ewen at the Vernissage, Saturday January 14th 2012

Woven Bridges will be on exhibition at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum until January 28 2012 

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