Thursday, April 21, 2011

Volunteers Invited to Participate in Kaleidoscope Quilt Project, Canadian Tulip Festival

The Kaleidoscope Community Quilt Project

May 6 to 23, 2011

The Kaleidoscope Quilt is the Canadian Tulip Festival's visual celebration of Peace and Friendship through Colours, Culture and Community.This unique piece of textile art will be created by the Canadian Tulip Festival's 25,000 community members, in partnership with Moon Rain Centre ( and the direction of textile artist Gabby Ewen.

The Kaleidoscope Quilt will be created using appliqué, crazy quilting and contemporary textile techniques, working with satin ribbons which will be hand-sewn into the image of a radiant tulip in full bloom with a
background of brilliantly coloured fabric diamonds pieced, embroidered along the seams in the crazy quilt style and embellished to form a radiating kaleidoscopic image.

The Kaleidoscope Community Quilt Project is a hands-on intercultural, intergenerational participatory art activity that will be set up on the festival site for the duration of the Canadian Tulip Festival.
Participants are invited to personalize a piece of fabric or ribbon by contributing a positive message of Peace and Friendship.

Messages of Peace and Friendship will be recorded and displayed, and all participants will be invited to sign, along the border of the quilt. The incorporation of these signatures into the art piece creates an active "living" record of all the community contributors and attests to the iconic quality of this legacy project.

The Canadian Tulip Festival is seeking skilled individuals to facilitate the hands-on creation as well as the integration of members of the public into this exciting large scale community quilt project.

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