Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Big Weave Day 1

Moon Rain and it's artistic director Thoma Ewen are so pleased and excited to be participating in The Big Weave, a coming together of artists and community to create a public art project which gives adults and children the opportunity to learn new skills and to participate in the creation of a unique community artwork.
This international project is located in Reading England and will take place during three weeks in July. Part of the beauty of the project will be derived from taking the project out into the community, teaching basic weaving techniques and providing the opportunity for all to weave.
Reading photographer Joanne de Nobriga joined us and took some amazing photos of the activity. Joanne will join us regularly during the three weeks of this project and has generously offered to document the event. Thank you Joanne.
Below are some of her photographs from day 1

Warping up

Diane and Caroline warping up The Big Weave Loom
Checking the tension
Thoma checks the tension of the warp on The Big Weave Loom
The first shed
Thoma prepares the first shed on the loom
Down to work
Three weavers settle down at the loom
The first pick
The first pick of the project is laid in place
The design
Going over the design

Check back to follow the progress of The Big Weave. Also please go to the Big Weave website at


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