The Living Tapestry Workbook

We are very pleased and proud to announce that The Living Tapestry Workbook is now in its third printing and we have just received the shipment of new books. There are more colour pages in this printing and it will continue to be an excellent and inspiring book for beginning tapestry students, with clear, simple and easy-to-follow instructions.
The Living Tapestry Workbook was given an excellent review in The Ontario Handweavers & Spinner's Fibre Focus Magazine's Spring 2011 issue, Volume 54, Number 1.

The Living Tapestry Workbook received a glowing review from Jean Woods of the New Forest Guild in issue number 236 Winter 2010 of Great Britain’s The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

Among the reviewer’s comments were, “a joy to view” , “encouragement to get started” and “inspire the belief you can do this too”.

The Living Tapestry Workbook is now in its third printing. To order your copy....... Contact or telephone 819 457 9711.
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The Living Tapestry Workbook is an introductory guide to designing and weaving tapestry.
The step-by-step instructions simplify tapestry weaving, making it accessible and easy to do. The Workbook covers all the basics needed to get started and serves as a companion to further explorations in tapestry weaving.
The Living Tapestry Workbook introduces the philosophy of Canadian tapestry artist Thoma Ewen, and shares her technical insights and knowledge developed over 35 years of weaving and teaching tapestry. Ewen communicates the ancient indigenous understanding that weaving is a sacred path. She illustrates how tapestry’s vital contemporary role is to transmit beauty, harmony and Peace.