The Boutique

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Greeting Cards

The Moon Rain Centre Boutique has greeting cards of tapestries for sale.
Greeting cards may be purchased individually or in sets.
Each card is 5”x 7”, blank inside, and packaged with its own envelope in a protective cello covering.
Individual Greeting Cards are $5. Cnd. each plus shipping and handling.
Sets of 4 cards are $15. Cnd per set plus shipping and handling.

Forest Floor                      Red Moon

Butterfly Blanket 1

Aurora Borealis Behind the Trees #4

Pastel study for Aurora Borealis Behind the Trees #5
                                             Butterfly Girl               Ribbons of Light                      

The Tapestry Weaving Kit

The Tapestry Weaving Kit contains a small Quebec artisan-made, hardwood frame loom, (12” wide by 17.5”high by 2”deep) and a copy of The Living Tapestry Workbook, together in a Moon Rain Centre heavy duty cotton canvas tote bag.

This kit is ideal for beginners and young weavers, as well as for experienced weavers who want portability.
Priced at $75. Cnd. plus shipping and handling, The Tapestry Weaving Kit is a great value and also makes an ideal gift.


Small Hardwood Frame Loom

Moon Rain Centre has a small number of Quebec-made, artisan-crafted, small hardwood Frame Looms. The looms are 12”wide, 17 1/2 “ high and 2” deep, which makes an ideal size for beginners or for weaving samples.

 The looms are individually priced at $40. Cnd. plus shipping and handling

The Living Tapestry Workbook

This highly praised step-by-step tapestry weaving manual has been successfully used by both beginners and experienced tapestry weavers.

Please visit The Living Tapestry Workbook page on this blog or The Moon Rain Centre website for complete information.

 Price $30. Cnd. plus shipping and handling

819 457 9711