La Triennale Workshops

Throughout the 2013 International Triennial of Textile Arts in the Outaouais, Moon Rain Centre is offering this series of workshops, taught by renowned international textile artists and presented in partnership with the Conseil Régionale de la Culture de l’Outaouais.

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Family Weaving
- Kathryn Pannepacker (USA)
Parent/Child –family fun with weaving!!!
In this exciting workshop with textile/visual artist, Kathryn Pannepacker, participants will be newly introduced to the wonderful world of pattern and texture and color all around them in their daily lives. Each participant will weave a ‘make & take’ beautiful piece for themselves on the cardboard loom provided. This user–friendly, fun workshop is great for all… a wonderful introduction to making something beautiful from ‘everyday’ materials! Bring misc. strings, ribbons, & any pliable material you want to add to your weaving. Plenty of other yarns, materials and options will be provided. 
August 31
$35 per person, materials included

De la fibre au tissus / From Fibre to Fabric
- Lucie DuFresne (ON. CANADA)
September 1
$85 materials included

3 Dimensional Textures & Resist Felt-making Techniques
- Ali Rabjohns (UK)
This workshop will focus on creating hollow forms, texture and other 3D techniques including rolling tubes and needle-felting embellishment
September 1
$105 materials included


Beginner Tapestry - Colour in Woven Art
 - Thomas Cronenberg (UK)
Colour in woven textiles and tapestry, a workshop on approaches to colour, including design considerations, colour blending, texture and use of materials.
September 2
$95 materials included

Add, Morph, Multi-Ply
- Kathryn Pannepacker (USA)
Free up your creative self and explore the world of textile materials.
In this workshop participants will step outside the 'structure' of creative 'routine', putting aside our intentions for end-results, letting go of attachments to outcome, we will rediscover art as play and liberate our creative inhibitions. 
September 2
$95 materials included


Wensleydale Lace & Nuno
- Ali Rabjohns (UK)
Felt-making - Cobwebs, Wensleydale lace and nuno.
Create beautiful samples and scarves with this fine felting technique
September 3
$105 materials included


Raising the profile of textile arts
 - Thomas Cronenberg (UK)
An interactive presentation and portfolio analysis exploring how we present ourselves as textile artists; what our own portfolio contributes to the collective perception of textiles and discussing what we as artists can do to raise the profile of textile arts.
September 3-4
$165. materials included


Sculptural Knitting - Knit anything: not clothing
 - Adrienne Sloane (USA)
Explore contemporary knitting and expand your vision of what a little knitting can do. Over the course of this class participatns will develop a personal language of forms by experimenting with knitting fundamentals to uncover the enormous possibilities of three dimensional knit. By manipulating stitches and solving knitting geometry, participants will learn to “think knit”. We will explore the use of non-traditional materials and cover a range of dimensional  techniques to help create shape and stability while also taking advantage of knit’s natural tendencies. Techniques for creating protrusions and bulges will be introduced. Through a slide show we will explore the work of artists who use knitting techniques as a means of creative expression and we will address the ways in which knitting has recently exploded into the public space through the current international wave of guerilla and graffiti knitting.  
This class is geared towards students with strong fundamental knitting skills who want to escape the tyranny of pattern knitting.
Student Supply List:
Equipment - knitting needles in different sizes including double pointed needles, crochet hooks, scissors, tapestry needle and a notebook.
Materials - unusual ‘linear elements’ such as raffia, twine, fabric strips, plastic of wire. Also bring a reasonable amount of light coloured, plain spun (not slubby) yarns in 2 colours for an ongoing sampler. If you have other materials that you would like to explore feel free to bring them.
September 6-7

Plant Dyeing - how to get 25+ colours from the primary RED, BLUE & YELLOW
- Grete Bodogaard (USA)
Explore natural dyes for wool, cotton, linen, silk, paper or synthetic nylon in just a few simple steps.  Using cochineal for red, indigo for blue and goldenrod for yellow, we will begin with the primary colours, by over-dyeing we will produce the secondary colours (orange, green and violet), with further over-dyeing we will achieve the tertiary colours and so on.
September 7-8
$190 materials & equipment included


Knitting Wired
- Adrienne Sloane (USA)
Expand your knitting horizons and get wired! Wire is a wonderful flexible medium to use to make delicate and interesting sculptural art and jewelry. In this class we’ll cover the basics of working with wire and make simple but beautiful pieces that can also be embellished with beads. the class will cover resources and materials and various techniques for successful wire knitting and crochet.       
Knit and Crochet Skills are necessary.
Student Supply List:
For smaller work please bring an assortment of size 2-5 knitting needles and similar sized crochet hooks. If you prefer to work either smaller or larger, make sure to pack appropriate sized tools. Bring jewelry pliers and wire cutters if you have them. This can be fine work, so if you use magnifiers please bring them.
September 8-9
$185 materials included

Disperse Dye Printing and Surface Design
 - Sylvia Naylor (ON. CANADA)
In this fun class students will be introduced to Transfer Paints often called Disperse Dyes. Transfer paints work the best with fabrics having a high synthetic content such as polyester satins, synthetic suede, felt and interfacings. fibre artists will enjoy the wonderful results which they can create. you will explore the effects of applying the paint with different items such as brushes and sponges, working with resists and printing. Transfer paints can produce lovely sky effects and colourful unpredictable backgrounds for your future projects. You will be shown lots of samples suggesting ideas for your own painted fabrics. Class requirements are an open mind and a desire to experiment.
September 12
$115 materials included

Felted Wool Properties
- Diane Lemire (QC. CANADA)
Explore wool types through felt and create a unique felted sample book.
In this workshop we will explore various wool types used in felt making. Our finished felt samples will be made into a wool reference book to be treasured.
Because there are tons of uses for felt, once you have your sample book, you can better choose which wool to use for making hats, slippers, carpet, vests, just to name a few.
September 14
$105 materials included

Lucet Cord-making - Plain and Fancy Multicolour Cording
 - Lucie DuFresne (ON. CANADA)
Since Viking times, lucet forks have been used to make strong, non-elastic laces, garters and drawstrings. Sailors still use them today to make sennets. Historically, cords could be plain or fancy, silk, linen, or wool. This hands-on workshop is an exploration of fancy cord making in more than one colour using a lucet. A collection of different historical lucets from Viking museum reproductions to Victorian bone dainties will be shown. All materials and instructions will be provided.
September 14
$85 materials included

Art and the Sacred
- Lynne Bedbrook (QC. CANADA)
Artists (and we are all artists of our lives) will bring their own materials and supplies to participate. A minimum of sketch paper and pencils would be required, and any medium an artist is comfortable with for this explorative workshop.
By entering a meditative space we will deepen our interface with the underlying voice we choose to embody in our art. This is an experiential entrance into the ancient Star Maiden Wheel in order to better enliven our link with our Inner Sacred Spirit.
September 15
$75 Bring your own materials

Fibre Transformation - Preparation and transformation of wool fleeces and other fibers
 - Claire Guérette (QC. CANADA)
In this course on the preparation and transformation of animal fleece and other fibers we will learn about methods to use fleeces and other fibers for fibre art. Discover their uses in creative processing. Learn the methods of preparation and transformation of raw sheep wool and other fibres. Learn to sort a fleece and identify the best parts, the rudiments of washing, combing, carding etc. identify different kinds of fibre, the storing and care for the wool
September 15
$105 materials included


Woven Tapestry - Working forward in Tapestry
- Archie Brennan & Susan Martin Maffei (USA)
An intensive workshop focusing on process, both technical and creative, catering to the individual needs of each student regardless of experience. Daily slide presentations and discussions aide understanding. Students will produce some small tapestries that will explore and enhance their skills. Students are encouraged to bring in small bits of their favorite material for weaving as well as works already created for sharing and critique.
Recommended for intermediate levels.
September 20-21-22
$255 materials included

Felt Lace
- Claire Guérette (QC. CANADA)   
Learn a new way of felting that creates a lacy fabric. Each student will make an original art piece or a lacy fabric that may be incorporated into an art project. learn techniques for making lacy felt with spun wool or other kinds of wools, learn to identify characteristics of the threads of spun wool  or pure commercial wool to make this technique, prepare and felt little samples of felt lace  by using  spun wool and pure commercial or carded wool, learn to incorporate decorative elements with the felting needle, practice by making a project with this new felted lace technique.
September 21
$105 materials included

Renaissance Wire Lace
 - Lucie DuFresne (ON. CANADA)
Two bobbin lace making workshops introducing basic lacemaking techniques (starting, cross, twist, 3 strand plait, 4 strand plait, picot, windmill crossing, finishing) using find copper and brass wire and glass beads to replicate simple 16th-17th century lace patterns. Students will complete a pendant and a bracelet.
September 22
$95 materials included

Resists, Batiks and Natural Dyes
 - Caroline Gamiette (QC. CANADA)
Explore the use of mordants and natural dyeing using roots and barks as well as resist dyeing using cold wax and direct application of colours to fabric; learn to identify indigenous dye plants on site.
September 26-27
$190 materials included

Tapestry On Design - A step-by-step into the creative process
 - Ixchel Suarez (ON. CANADA)
Design is a process of ideas put together for a certain purpose. Discover fun and interactive ways to approach an idea using basic principles of composition, texture, colour and the inspiration from the surrounding world. Apply this towards tapestry weaving while exploring the possibilities of altering the plain surface of tapestry weaving by adding 3-dimensional volumes using varied materials.
September 27
$110 materials included


Spirit Masks and Shields
- Lisa DuFresne (ON. CANADA)
A hands-on discovery and exploration of personal images of power and sacredness using the medium of masks and shields. Each participant will create a mask and/or shield using fibre sculpture techniques (off-loom weaving techniques, crochet and needle weaving) with natural fibres, recycled clothing strips and found natural objects.
September 28
$95 materials included


Silkscreen Printing Exploration
 - Caroline Gamiette (QC. CANADA)
During this hands-on workshop participants will explore the interplay of color and image overlays using silkscreen printing methods on fabric and paper. Day 1 will be an opportunity to experiment with printmaking using stencils, block and monotype printing on paper and fabrics;  day 2 we will explore large scale printmaking techniques on fabric. This is an opportunity for everyone to explore new ways of representing the world around them and share their creativity.
September 28-29
$190 materials included


Bringing Forth the Forest Manitou
- Lisa Du Fresne (ON. CANADA)
In this workshop participants will be guided in the realization of a collective public art project. Participants will work together in the creation of a 3 dimensional sculpture, a giant puppet that will be animated and brought to life by participants.
September 29
$90 materials included

For registration and more information please visit the Workshop Web Page

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